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I just wanted to say that I've changed my blog address! From now, welcome to  www.thegartres.wordpress.com  , the blog of living of Paris!
I'm really happy about my new blog and I hope to see there soon :)

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I read a wonderful article in the http://www.stumbleupon.com called "TOP 50 of the small things that proves that you live in Paris". One of the sign was that if you live in Paris,you are imagining that making a pic-nic in one of the city gardens is enough to you and after that you feel like you were in the campaign. The same is for me. There is nothing better that lying in the Parc Montsouris,watching the swans in the like (like from the ballet of Tchaikovsky) or eating a baguette sandwitch in the Jardin du Luxembourg. THE BEST!!



EN I'm such a big jazz lover! Apart of the classical music, jazz is my favourite music style. Of course I was plunged into the International Jazz day in Paris where the Rue des Lombards with its jazz clubs was the center of the events. The 3 most popular jazz clubs-Le Baiser Salé,Le Duc des Lombards and the Sunset/Sunside where I spent my night was animated by the crowd of jazz fans and the musicians from 2a.m. to 2p.m. What a day! 
What about? Do you love jazz as me?
FR J'adore jazz,c'est sûr et c'est pas étonnant que j'ai passé le jour international du jazz au Rue des Lombards à Paris. Les 3 clubs les plus populars du jazz-Le Baiser Salé,Le Duc des Lombards et le Sunset/Sunside où j'ai passé ma soirée,étaient peuplés de la foule des admirateurs du jazz et des musiciens de 14h à 2h du matin. Quelle journée! 
Aimez-vous jazz comme moi?
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The new angle of the Eiffel Tower

EN As I told you in my previous post,I have tons of picks of the Eiffel Tower. It's still so perfect for me,nevertheless I live in Paris. In that case I should say that it's just a tourist attraction,but for me it's not true. 
Few days ago I was strolling with my friend from Avenue des Champs-Elysées to the Eiffel Tower and we just found this beautiful new angle to take some picks near the Palais de Tokyo. 
We have a spring brake here in Paris and I'm ready to do some new tours all over the city!!
FR J'ai tonne des photos de la tour Eiffel et c'est jamais assez pour moi. La tour est trop mignonne malgré que j'habite à Paris. Il y a quelques jours,moi et mon amie,on est se balader dès l'Arc de Triomphe vers la tour Eiffel quand on a remarqué cet angle sublime pour prendre des photo près de Palais de Tokyo.
Actuellement on a les vacances à Paris et je suis prête à faire les tours partout!!


Flâner* à Paris (*stroll in Paris)

25C in Paris!! The time when after work you are going out about 10p.m. with no care about it's just Wednesday or Thursday. The time when you are spending the 'midnight' on the streets of Paris and then you fell free to do no matter what. I love this time when in the late evening you can drink coffee in the Rue Monge and when you can see the full moon on the parisian sky. Are you spending your time as good as me?:)


Let's talk about....bloggers professions! And a MUSIC in my life:)

Yesterday in my post I mentioned that I was at the Théatre des Champs-Elysées to assist at the rehearsal of L'Orchestre Lamoureux. And just after I wrote that I realised that you probably have no idea what Saint Germain Girl is actually doing in her life. What a shame!! OK,I'm blogger but what next? 
First of all let's start from THE BIG QUESTION-what I'm doing in Paris? I'm not living here just for fun. Of course,I love taking pictures of my sweet parisian life but I'm also .....a professional violinist. I'm playing violin more that 13 years and now I'm 20 so you see,the biggest part of my life I spent with my love-my violin
I came to Paris to study in the Conservatoire and this is my first year in Paris. 
What about you? I would love to know what my readers apart of being bloggers or my blog readers do in their life?

This is also my first article,posted in MUSIC,the new section of articles on my blog.
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